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Problem: Expansive Soils

 Solution: Tella Firma System


A foundation's structural integrity is traditionally dependent upon the soil on which it is built. Expansive soils have long posed a problem to homeowners, builders and developers as they can swell over time, causing cracking and deterioration of a foundation. In order to build on lots with "bad soil," builders typically take the conventional approach, which is to over-excavate and remove or condition expansive material. However, this causes considerable added expense and delays in the construction process. The other option is to utilize a pier and grade beam foundation system. With this type of system, piers are required at most jogs and corners, regardless of loads. Additionally, structural floors are needed, and crawlspaces require ventilation which may result in mold issuesFurthermore, desirable land in optimal locations are often never developed simply because the soil material is so poor.  The Tella Firma system provides a solution to these problems by suspending a foundation above the ground, which isolates it from future soil expansion/movement... Learn More


A New Solution for Expansive Colorado Soils

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